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Welcome to our OC/OC website!
OC/OC  is  the 136th  chapter  of  the

OC/OC started in 1990, and while it went dormant for a couple of years, it was resurrected under Jim Friesen and Vern Hastings leadership in 1995 and now has a membership of about 130 members who hail from more than 20 countries spanning the globe. 
We focus on collecting at least  One Can from every One of the C

It is a VERY taste-full-filling Hobby
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This website is 
always under construction: latest update May 27th, 2017 
.  Eventually it will contain links to all of the past newsletters, a compendium of the first cans known from places around the world, and many other items of interest to those who delight in collecting beer cans from across our "blue marble".

WARNING - Go-daddy has made the decision to "upgrade the website software which means that at some point the website will have to be re-built - something that could take some time form the volunteers who contribute to it - APOLOGIES for any inconvenience.

Welcome to Darius Justinavicius of Lithuania & Tony Cotgrove of the U.K. 

PAST - TIME to RENEW for 2017
issue #2 for 2017 has been published!
The next issue is starting to be formed.
To join or renew, please click on the link to "contacts" page above to download the renewal and/or new member applications.
We continue to offer a free one year "e membership" for all new members! 

Dave Vogl scored a hat-trick as the OC/OC Newsletter is No. 1
again and again and again - 2014, 2015, & 2016!

During the BCCA's Annual Meeting last year in Portland, it was announced that our newsletter Editor has once again achieved FIRST PLACE for our Chapter Newsletter in the annual BCCA newsletter contest.  
 Many THANKS and praise to Dave for keeping us so well connected and informed!


latest update:  27 May 2017
Uploaded Volume 22 Issue 2 of the Newsletter. Update Annual meeting notice, and placed Voting for BCCA H.O.F. notice and a link to our facebook page.

 The 2017 annual meeting of the OC/OC Chapter will convene during CANvention 47 in Cleveland, Ohio August 24th from 7 - 8pm in the Center Street B meeting room of the Cleveland Hilton Downtown.

  The password for ACCESSING THE NEWSLETTERS changed for 2017, 
if you want to continue being a member AND have
NOT renewed YET,
PLEASE, CONTACT JOHN McLOGAN to RENEW - see the contacts page.

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