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Welcome to our OC/OC website!
OC/OC  is  the 136th  chapter  of  the

OC/OC started in 1990, and while it went dormant for a few years, it was resurrected under 
Jim Friesen's and Vern Hasting's leadership in 1995 and now has a membership of about 111 members who hail from more than 20 countries spanning the globe. 
We focus on collecting at least  One Can from every One of the C
ountries of our planet.

It is a VERY taste-full-filling Hobby

Click HERE for a youtube video that explores the question of how many countries span our blue marble.
Click HERE for a youtube video that details how the modern beer can is marvel of engineering.

This website is always under construction: latest update  November 3rd.  Eventually it will contain links to all of our previous newsletters, a compendium of the first cans known from places around the world, and items of interest to those who delight in collecting beer cans from around the world.
~ OUR ANNUAL MEETING in OMAHA back in 2018 ~

(and bring a door prize or six - please)

 The 4th Issue of 2019

of the most award winning newsletter for the BCCA
is being crafted now.

Join now to get this issue plus all of next year's sent to you.
To join or renew, please click on the "contacts" link above to download the renewal or
new member application forms.
We continue to offer a free trial one year "e membership" for all new members!

Dave Vogl once again crafted our OC/OC Newsletter to the award winning status as the #2 BCCA Newsletter for At-Large Chapters in 2019!  

 Many THANKS and praise to Dave for keeping us so well connected and informed!


Latest update:  November 3rd, 2019
Uploaded the 2020 renewal and new member forms.

Previous updates included:
 the 3rd Newsletter for 2019 under the "newsletter" tab
under the "references" tab at top an Excel file listing of US imports for Brazil mentioned in D.J. Hack's Article 

Uploaded a new listing for the First Cans/Each Place listing a few months back,
click on the "country list" tab at the top of the page.
Our next chapter meeting will likely be held
Thursday night, September 10th, 2020 starting at 7pm in St. Louis.

  The password for ACCESSING THE NEWSLETTERS changed On February12th,
if you want to continue being a member AND have
NOT renewed YET,
PLEASE, CONTACT SEAN KELLEY - see the contacts page.

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