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Country List

There are many ways to list what countries have or have had cans.  Hence, plenty of fodder for a healthy bar stool debate as to what constitutes a country, what type of cans count (lid stamp for import?, non-alcoholic malt beverages, etc...) - let alone - how to designate what might be a distinct place on this wonderful world of ours.  Add in how to distinguish a country when countries change their name and flag but not their borders (Burma to Myanmar or Ceylon to Sri Lanka) - or breaks apart such as Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, and we each have many choices as to what to seek for, and display within, our collections.  The OC/OC chapter does not issue an official listing - rather the Chapter works hard to bring forward to its membership as many possibilities as it "can". (pun intended;)

The First Can/Each Place listing is what Mark Rodgers has used for some years to try to keep track of the many places that folks might choose to collect beyond just a single strict list of countries such as the UN, Olympics, CIA's World Factbook, etc. It was last updated in mid August of 2019.   It is critical that collectors understand that while Mark is the current President of the Chapter, this listing is not an "official" OC/OC stance.   It is just Mark's peculiar viewpoint - use at your own risk and enjoyment!

First Can/Each Place listing in MS Excel as of 8-17-2019: CLICK HERE
For a condensed and tighter listing (MS Excel file & check box type) as of 3-17-2019: CLICK HERE

This "OC/OC Country List" download link below is a listing based on a list first created by Jim Friesen OCOC #2 more than a decade ago.  It was later divided into sections of nations that have produced beer in cans, nations that have specific imports, and places that aren't nations (non-contiguous areas, islands, off-shore possessions, linguistic enclaves, collective regions, etc.).

It has also been combined with Mark Rodgers' list of first cans from 2014,  Thus, the can listed in column 1 is, as far as is was known then, the first can produced by/for the country.  In some instances, the can in the second column is the second can, but that is by no means the standard.

Additions, corrections, deletions, updates, and controversies may be directed to D.J. at:   He is certain there are a number of places referenced in members' collections that have been overlooked.  As always, it is to be stressed that this listing in no way affects or limits what individual collectors may choose to collect or in what manner they organize their collections.  This is simply the clearest method of organizing the list to accomodate the broadest range of collectors.

This list was last updated in 2014 - there have been a few countries that have climbed the ladder of civilization since by having breweries that brew and can their golden elixirs.

OC/OC Country List
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