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Here you will find the OC/OC Newsletters.  They are in pdf format, you can highlight the text, copy & then paste to other programs such as microsoft word, and then run a translator program on the text to allow you to read the articles in other languages. 

The OC/OC chapter started in July of 1990.  It published seven issues and then went dormant during the summer of 1993.  It was resurrected in January of 1996 with Volume 1 #1.  It has published continuously since with the most recent issue being Volume 16 #3.
Point your mouse over the "newsletters" title of the menu bar above, you will see a drop down listing of which newsletters have been uploaded so far.  You can then click on them to go to a page where you can download the issue.
note: We have not included every page of the newsletters. For instance, when they have had pages of roster information which is now out of date, we have decided not to take the extra time of scanning, loading, and making these files larger.
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